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My thoughts: Every breath you take, you must give back freely. Every breath is a gift unearned.
Every gift can be seen as either a blessing or a curse, receive the gift, accept the blessing and dispell the curse.
Keep giving.

Unicorn of the Sea

Narwhal Spiral Tusk Mystery - (Snow Sonar & Ice Breaker & Sexual Selection) -

Aquamarine Anthropoid Historia

Estuarboreal Anthropoids - (Estuarine-Arboreal habitat) - Anthropoids
Aqua-arid Ancestors - (Aquamarine-Arid migration) - Ancestors
Aqua-photic Respiration - (Deep diver breathing?) - Respiration

Nile Delta Artifacts & Construction Theory

Rolling Stones - (Giza Pyramids: reeds, rafts, railramps) - Stones
Bowl Bearings - (Giza Pyramid rectilinear cornering) - Bearings

Peace & Harmony

Morning has broken: Dolphin & Dove
New Eurekans: Songsheet
Songs: Silence & Eloquence; Wings, Prayers & Teddy Bears;
YOYIC (Why Oh Why), Knock That Off, Wave Spirit.

Discovery Dome at Humboldt Bay

Marina Center : Discovery Dome Dome



Solway: The Siber-Alaskan Solar Pipeline

Enclosed vacuated axio-spiral heliophotonic transferral system, "free" energy from global deserts to cities 24/7, year-round, no petroleum required. This pipeline to be adjacent to 2 hydraulic pipelines at sea level, used to transfer products.

David Deden Designs

Hybrid HPV-electric aerodynamic Traix, replaces 80% fossil fueled non-freight motor vehicle transit, graphite shell & foam structure, electric motor & high efficiency batteries supplement equal power to HPV, body morphs to ideal wind flow at speed.